Investment offer

Principle of working

This section of the company’s website is provided to investors and visitors so that they can study our investment offers in detail.

Define an investment strategy and make your choice based on your own preferences and personal acceptance and understanding of the acceptability of the profitability level for each of the offered deposits.

Accumulation of operating money in the company’s financial accounts

When you pot-up money to your account balance, the money is placed on your personal account. When you create an investment by putting money on a particular deposit, this money gets into the general pool in the Rypex financial account, where its initial temporary accumulation occurs until it reaches an operating, commercially calculated amount of at least of 100,000 dollars.

Transfer of accumulated amount to the company traders

The invested money is transferred by the financial department of the company to already existing powered trading accounts. Thus, there is an increase in free margins and our traders are given the opportunity to perform exchange trading in a more aggressive, confident and efficient mode, which gives more profit.

Preparing of trading accounts and funds distribution by exchanges

Each powered trading account is prepares for exchange trading depending on the results of exchange analysis and forecast performance for each individual exchange. This takes into account the total amount of money placed on a trading account, as well as the preference for concluding certain exchange deals.

Performing active and controlled exchange trading

Having received increased trading accounts, our traders around the world start to conclude trading deals on exchanges, while being under the constant control of our TOP-traders. Thus, we make more profit at minimal risk and a constant increase in working capital.

Forming a total profit pool from all concluded deals per day

Profit from all trading accounts automatically, without the participation of traders in this process, transfer to a special financial account of the company during each working day. After end of this day for all trading accounts, Rypex records the total profit of the company from all transactions in this day.

Investors profit sharing process

As soon as the profit is recorded, the automatic process of distributing this profit to investors begins, depending on the amount of investment and the terms of the deposit that the investor used at the investing. The amount, due to the volatility of exchange transactions, can vary day by day. At the same time, Rypex guarantees a fixed final profit in accordance with the terms of the deposit.

Trading bots

Having invested here, you invest in Forex-trading, which is performed with the help of Al-bots of our company and which will provide you with a profit in the range from 1% to 1.7% of the nominal amount of your investments.

Profit accruals

Profit is accrued Monday to Friday only

Investment term

Deposit completes its work at achieve the specified net profit amount


By investing here, you invest in strengthening trading accounts and increasing the volume of deals made by our traders, which will bring you a profit in the range from 1.5% to 3% of any amount of your investment.

Profit accruals

Profit is accrued Monday to Friday only

Investment term

Deposit completes its work at achieve the specified net profit amount

Binary options

Having invested here, you invest in trading binary options, which are performed by a special group of TOP traders Rypex. This will bring you a profit in the range of 2.2% to 4.8% of any amount of your investment.

Profit accruals

Profit is accrued Monday to Friday only

Investment term

Deposit completes its work at achieve the specified net profit amount

Knowledge database of investment

To open any deposit, you must create an Investor Personal account by simply registering on the Rypex website.

Investing is supported with 5 types of currencies: USD, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT.

The minimum amount available for investment is 50 USD. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, the minimum amount should be equivalent to 50 USD. You cannot create a deposit using 2 or more currency types at the same time.

At investing, there is no fixed validity period for a particular deposit. This is explained by the volatility of trading exchange transactions. Rypex provides a guaranteed minimum percentage of profit and, in addition, can provide any other percentage of profit, more than the minimum, but not more than the maximum, in accordance with the terms of each deposit if, following the results of the trading day, such an opportunity is available.

Once the total net profit reaches value in accordance with pre-agreed deposit conditions, the deposit completes its work.

Profit calculation is performed by online calculator built into each investment plan (Profit calculation button).

Earnings accruals are performed Monday to Friday only, as all Rypex trading operations are performed on global exchanges that operate Monday to Friday only.

Profit accruals are performed every 24 hours from Monday to Friday only. If you activated an investment on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the first accrual will be made on Monday, at the same time when you opened this deposit.

Profit accruals are made in the deposit currency. If you have opened a deposit, for example, using Bitcoin, then the accruals will be made in Bitcoin. Rypex does not apply conversion either when opening any deposit or when making accruals.

Each investor is given the opportunity to invest with the same deposit as many times as possible.

The exception is ROBO 1 investment plan, which allows only one active investment. Upon completion of ROBO 1, the same following deposit may be opened.

If you have already opened a deposit, then it is not allowed to increase its face value later by money adding.

If you have opened a deposit, it’s not allowed to complete it until the stated profit is achieved.

At investing using Trading Bots and Traders deposit groups, the return of the invested amount is provided after the expiration of any of the deposits of these groups.

At investing using Binary Options deposit group group, the return of the invested amount is not provided separately, since the invested amount is included in daily interest.

You can view the accrual history of all deposits in your Personal account.