Our main history

When a person searches wherever possible for information on how to get rich, I see this not as a manifestation of energy in achieving a certain goal, I see this not as purposefulness and assertive...

No. I see a person who waste energy and talent, trying to find something that does not exist.

If you want to be rich, be rich!

Only you yourself, only your true desire and fortitude will be able to point the way. And my team and talented people who are with us will help to properly that emphasis be appropriately placed on well-being and wealth.

Always stay yourself and surround yourself with talented people. And success will not be long in coming.

Sincerely yours, Philip Orr, CEO of Rypex Trade.


Earn where others see only difficulties and problems

Although the Inca’s prediction failed, 2012, even without a worldwide apocalypse, showed its difficult character and was marked by a repeated financial crisis that affected the whole world and affected the most powerful corporations. Being a brilliant analyst and talented trader, Philip Orr saw business prospects in this situation.

That year, Philip Orr earned real capital by concluding into deals to drop shares.

In the same year, Philip Orr demonstrated to his friend and business partner Albert Parson the incredible effectiveness of predictive forecasting and sell shorting.

In turn, the chief financial officer of our company, Albert Parson, saw other prospects of this success.

He realized that this success can be repeated on a substantially large scale, extrapolating talent and knowledge to the trading structure. This will give more profit, more reliability and security for trading accounts.

So came the moment of the creation of a company capable of maintaining a leading position in world trading.


How patterns can be used to generate profit

Like the hunters in the ambush, Albert Parson and Philip Orr closely monitor the trends that dominate the exchanges. The task of friends was to select and systematize all the factors that affect the volatility and change in the exchange rate of shares and other exchange assets. And for this, they needed software that was not exists yet in those years.

During these years, partners Philip Orr and Albert Parson created the first automatic trading software module based on the data that they obtained from research on exchange markets, the testing of which was very successful.

And at the same time, on the basis of the same data and systematized information, has been created infrastructure for control to the trader’ transactions online the idea of ​ ​ which was introduced and formed on the basis of information about how fundamental, globally active events affect the volatility of exchange prices.

In other words, has been developed a clear link in the form of software modules between certain events and the fall or rise in exchange prices, rates and volatility.


How business success creates the world’s best team of TOP-traders

Philip Orr and Albert Parson are not only partners, but also friends. It was experience that helped them this year form a new doctrine of cooperation and collective efforts. Thanks to the new principles of teamwork, it was possible to significantly increase the profitability of the company and reduce overhead costs due to the use of the software complex of automatic trading bots in trading.

That year, thanks to a revolutionary new vision of how team efforts should be distributed and formed, Philip Orr and Albert Parson decided to create a business group of traders and teach each of them directly the skills that they gained in the process of long-term preliminary studies of exchange markets and the impact of global events on exchange and price volatility.

The software set of automatic trading bots is reinforced by a core of promising and highly qualified TOP-traders, united in a super trading team by the experience and teamwork skills that Philip Orr and Albert Parson shared with them.


How the right approach to business can change the whole world of investment

When the initial business strategy after many years of work confirms its viability, has born confidence that from now on any task that the Philip Orr and Albert Parson team can set will be completed at the maximum level of efficiency and productivity. We’re starting to grow fast. Our profits are starting to grow also.

Success dictates circumstances. We see new goals and understand that they can only be achieved by developing. In our case, that year we increased the number of team to 25 people. This allowed us to jointly achieve working capital of $3,000,000.

And most importantly, by introducing the combined technologies into the exchange trading process this year, we were able to get 42% of the profit from working capital.

In other words, by combining the efforts of the team with our own software and 24-hour trading of the automatic trading bots complex, we have achieved a new understanding of how the integration of technology and experience can change the world of investment and trading.


How to increase profit and efficiency through global expansion

When the awareness of own strength and ability to develop a business at a new level of profitability, there is a need for further growth and development of all components of a successful business. At the same time, always was given a chance to new ways of development for a successful start as part of a powerful financial managing complex created by Philip Orr and Albert Parson.

During these years was carried out a significant staff expansion and increased number of powered trading accounts by attracting working money through international trust funds and financial holdings. Now our TOP-traders have become a kind of ambassadors of the best trading in 4 countries of the world.

Our trading accounts are becoming more efficient by increasing the free margin, which positively affects the profit and stability of the concluded exchange deals.

Also, was completed the development and implementation of innovative technologies of active exchange trading, which most significantly and positively affected the macroeconomic indicators of team work in general.


How to expand your own business-impact and outwit competitors

It is not always necessary to act directly. When it was necessary, we worked on the basis of a PAMM-account, without showing our competitors the true extent of our power in trading. But any evolution is a qualitative change that leads to enormous increase in in all factors. Therefore, this year has been initializedthe process of transition to the new business state of our entire team.

That year, Philip Orr and Albert Parson made the responsible and strategically correct decision to begin to full expansion of the company’s areas of business influence and strengthening of business positions by creating a new type of company that could attract even more trading funds and had the opportunity to create a network of traders unlimitedly.

Has been made decision to develop an action plan aimed at creating a licensed trading company, whose headquarters should be based in London.

Because it is in London that our best, trusted TOP-traders are concentrated, who are able to effectively oversee the trading activities of the rest of the company’s traders at any time.


Breakthrough the team to some new level of business in all areas

This is the year of the beginning of a new era of not only trading. This is the year of the beginning of a new era of cooperation and mutually beneficial business solutions. The year when responsibility, efficiency and security have reached the level at which the impossible has become possible. We have overcome obstacles and difficulties on the way to undeniable leadership and are ready for new, even more impressive, achievements.

This year was created and officially registered the Rypex trading company. The CEO of the company is Mr. Philip Orr, the CFO is Mr. Albert Parson. Together this year, the number of traders for the first time exceeded 1000 people.

In addition, the geography of our team has significantly expanded.

Now our traders work in 17 countries of the world, bringing our values ​of fair trading and financial management there amid an increase in the volume of working private money invested in the company by individuals.

A year when the stars have aligned to make Rypex the best investment tool for millions of private investors around the world.


Rypex - the ambassador of ideas of friendly online- trading

Rypex Trade is a large family in which everyone has equal rights and obligations. We see our future by closely tight with the future of our investors. Therefore, our task Number 1 is to create conditions that could provide us and our investors with stable prosperity and long-term development over the years without the risk of leakage of important information to competitors.

We plan to open trading offices in 9 different countries during the year. At the same time, it becomes obvious that in order to perform this step we will need additional specialists in the field of an online trading.

That is why it is necessary to solve the task of expanding the business in the complex and to provide the right number of personnel we will create a training platform, using which any investor of our company will be able to obtain a set of knowledge and skills that will provide him with the opportunity to work fruitfully and efficiently in our offices as new traders of the company.

At the same time, the training of all applicants will be carried out completely free of charge.


Continued evolution of trading instruments for profit generating

We are constantly developing. We do not stop, but do not forget about the important tasks of generating profit for our investors. Therefore, we are always in the searching for new ways to make affordable profits. We must be confident that each of our investor who wants to work independently will be able to do this effectively and only increase his profits.

We see a further expansion of investment opportunities in the generating of personal trading accounts for our investors, which is planned for this year.

uch personalization will require new technical and technological solutions from the company, but the final result will be excellent and will enable investors to form their own trading tactics and strategy with close contact with our specialists.

We are confident that this innovation will have a positive impact on the overall dynamics of growth and development of the company and investors as a whole. A new level of cooperation with high opportunities for stable and safe profits and a flexible structure of the financial and trading system.


Live social system for monitoring exchange fluctuations

For exchange trading, it is critical to understand and predict the situation that develops around the price of exchange assets. This information cannot be obtained from the single source or can not be reliable if it was obtained from the single source. The speed and number of information sources make prediction as reliable as possible.

This year, we plan to create a highly specialized information system based on a social media, in which its participants could exchange information about upcoming events and how these events can affect changes in exchange prices.

In other words, we want to create a social network within which users can exchange trade signals, on the basis of which it would later become possible to open deals.

We see this as a process of exchange of views, which, according to the laws of mathematics, will inevitably develop from a quantitative parameter into a qualitative one, the level of confidence in which will be high enough to conclude safe trading dealson its basis.


Automated system for monitoring exchange fluctuations

Speed of information processing, speed of decision making, speed of concluded deals. Three factors that lead to success or failure. It is clear that the higher the parameters of information processing and deals conclusion, the higher the level of profitability of the entire trading process. Without process automation, there can be no qualitative increase in profit levels obtained.

This year, it is planned to smoothly introduce into the previously created social media, designed to develop processes in which trade signals are exchanged, on the basis of which it later becomes possible to open deals, a new component.

This component is a software complex that works as artificial intelligence and whose tasks are to identify the most likely outcomes of events and, on their basis, conclude appropriate deals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Such a software package is able to work at non-human speed and give even more profit, receiving the most predictive results of analytical activities of this social network.


Strengthening the company’s position through new blockchain technologies

The most thorough and extensive process of collecting the necessary information in a minimum period of time. It is in this way that you can obtain a huge array of data suitable for further analysis and for obtaining a predictive result. The maximum amount of information can be obtained if you consider these information arrays as blockchain events.

This year we plan to create our own innovative, unparalleled software in the world, which will work on the principle of a blockchain system and process arrays from data chains on the principle of blockchain technologies.

To do this, we will need to consolidate all the technical and scientific capabilities of our company, as well as the full assistance of all investors. As a result, we plan to get a system whose speed and analytical abilities cannot be surpassed.

And this will give a new round of development of the company and trading technologies for many years to come, providing a cloudless, safe, predictable and rich future for each of our investor.