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Partnership tools

The principles, legacy and spirit of partnership from Rypex live and develop through universal accessibility, democracy and open career and professional development opportunities for each registered user.

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Partner program

Below represented all the options for creating a partner team. Here you can study in detail all the nuances and opportunities of partnership and today draw up a plan for the development of your own partner team.

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Rules of the Partner program

To be able to take full advantage of the Partner program, it is enough to register on the company's website.

In order for a person to become exactly your referral, you must provide him with your partner link and this person must register on the company website by following at that partner link directly.

In order to be able to better navigate its own partner structure, it is necessary to periodically study partner statistics, information about which is located in the Personal account, in the Partner program section.

All partner rewards are accrued for deposits activated by your team partners.

Partner rewards are accrued automatically, at the same time that your referral has activated a deposit with the company.

Rypex does not charge transaction service fees. Including for servicing transactions related to partner accruals.

In order to receive partner rewards, you do not need to have your own investment in company.

However, to obtain statuses and additional conditions, you must have your own corresponding investments.

Partner rewards are automatically accrued by the system to the account balance in the currency that the referral used at opening the corresponding deposit.

Partnership awards are withdrawn without restriction, subject to the general rules governing withdrawals and provided that the amount requested for withdrawal is not less than the minimum allowable amount.

Each registered user has the right to use the entire set of partner tools.

Promotional materials can also be used on third-party resources and websites, if this does not contradict the rules and conditions for the use of these resources and/or web sites.

You cannot register linked Personal accounts (self-registration).

If such facts are identified, they will be regarded as multiaccounting and such users will be blocked until all circumstances are clarified or without them, depending on the severity of the misconduct.

If you register family members and/or relatives, you must notify the company’s Info assistance and wait for approval.

The main components for successful team creation

The proper application of all available tools, invitation methodology and constant statistical growth of the structure guarantee a consistently excellent result of the Partner program.

Actual statistics
Affiliate link
Banners, presentations
Personal manager