The Rypex company

In this section you can learn our strengths and understand the full scale of the potential and power of automated trading technologies.

Giving some information about itself, Rypex provides the entire range of data, somehow related to the business and business products of the company, and also describes the main points of the mutual cooperation process formation.

The main Rypex business

Rypex has ready powered trading accounts that are managed by TOP traders on numerous trading exchanges, such as Kraken, London Stock Exchange, Hit BTC, Huobi Global and many others.

Along with trading bot programmes, more than 200 traders from around the world, supervised by TOP traders in London, manage investor money by aggressively and effectively concluding deals and earning super profit every day.

The larger of the trading account balance, the greater its free margin. Therefore, the main goal of the company is to manage already powered trading accounts with attracted investments to achieve an overall balance of $1 billion.

Company history

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Getting to know us will not be complete if you do not have a certain visualized image of our company. That is why here we tried to present us and our business in the most accessible and understandable visual images, which, in our opinion, are the optimal video story about the highly efficient trading and about the honest business of Rypex.

8 years of flawless

Forex trading

Over 200

TOP traders from 8 countries



Funds withdrawal

in 30 minutes

Company legal papers

The base of successful and secure investments is a reliable business partner. This depends on how legal your partner’s business is. In the case of Rypex, you get an absolutely reliable investment partner, which you can convince yourself.


12699421 Given at Companies House, Cardiff, on 26th June 2020

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8 years of flawless Forex trading

A brief history of the formation of our company, based on the main events that became key points in the formation of Rypex as a world leader in online trading. Excellent result of hard work of the whole team.

Philip Orr and Albert Parson create a company based on a PAMM account
Testing of the first automatic trading software module
Creation of infrastructure for control to the trader’ transactions online
Creation of software set of automatic trading bots
Introduction of combined technologies into the exchange trading process
Staff expansion and increased number of powered trading accounts
Development and implementation of innovative technologies of active exchange trading
Full expansion of the company’s areas of business influence and strengthening of business positions